Terms and Conditions

The Service is provided by The UI Fansites Community a Division of RJM Entertainment Group NI a Subsidiary Of the UI Network to members who abide by the Terms and Conditions and are accepted by the admin as a Hostee

By Being Hosted BY The UI Fansites Hosting Community shall agree to abide by the following terms and conditions

1. Users are not allow to Host other sites under their account (the Account must only be used by the User who the account was created for not for friends)

2. Members must be over the age of 13 years any one under that age will be rejected and if the admin does determines or believes a member is under the age of 13 after signup their account will be terminated

3. Hosting Accounts must be used for Hosting a Website, Blog, Forum, gallery etc and not used for backups if a member uses the account for backup they will have the account terminated and any backups will be lost.

4. Hosting Accounts must have a home page (either index.php, index.html, index.htm) within 7 days of signup otherwise the account will be terminated

Prohibited Content 

  • Copyright, Trademark, spam, hacking, state secrets, pornography, Shops, Harm minors in anyway or any other illegal content,

Site Languages 

All Sites must be in the English Language at all times sites in other languages will be deleted without warning.

Ads and Banners

no Banners or Ads may be displayed on any website on our servers either paid or free

exception to this Rule is Fan or Sites link ring or our Required footer Link Back

Required Footer Link Back

If you are Hosted By Us you must add the following code into the footer of your website Failure to add the code within 7 days of the website being created will result in fansite accounts being terminated without notice

the Required footer code is here

News and Communications from Us

messages from admin and users 

Any messages from the admin and a user shall at all times be confidential and may not be shared with any other person or entity without the permission of the admin


News will be posted on the Website from time to time here we will never send you news or news letters or spam it is a users responsibility to check the news page for updates from time to time.

other Communications 

we will from time to time send users emails concerning Updates of our Legal Policies or general hosting purposes.


The UI Fansites Community nor its Admin, Staff or Partners is not in anyway Responsible for the Content  of individual Fansites Hosted. Web Masters are giving the Discretion to select their content and  secure Appropriate permissions where Applicable.


Certain Scripts may not be installed on our Servers including:

  • cracked
  • stolen software,
  •  Shops or E-Commerce Scripts
  • Hacking Scripts
  • or any illegal scripts


Email Account must not be used to send spam or any other illegal activity any account using emails to send spam or illegal activity will result in the account being banned and the user banned from signing up to the service again.

Copyright Policy

Read our Copyright Policy here


Members must not in anyway gain or try to gain access or have others gain access or try to gain access to areas of our Servers off limits to members , gaining or trying to gain access to our servers off limits will result in a ban and or criminal or civil penalty

Privacy Policy

Read our Privacy Policy Here

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email: Phone: +447707119321

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